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Round 2 2015/16 – Manfield

By Andrew Nugent | 19 January, 2016 | Uncategorised

Well, we have just returned from Fielding and the 3 day Race meeting at Manfield. It was a big meeting with 320 entries. As usual, Fielding threw all weather conditions at us over the 3 days.

I hadn’t driven there for three years and the car had never been there, so I was looking forward to getting some practice in. Unfortunately owing to the tight race schedule we only got two practice runs on Friday morning then we were into qualifying. The practice was in relatively fine weather but by lunchtime the rain had arrived – but was intermittent, challenging which tyre to use.  We decided at the last minute to go out on wets which meant we were late getting out to qualify, so had to try to do a flyer while passing a bunch of cars. As it turned out we had made the right tyre choice and found ourselves on pole for the first race.

This was run late Saturday morning. The sun had been out all morning although a brisk southerly kept temperatures low. We made a reasonable start off pole and managed to keep the wolves behind me from getting by – just, and won the race.

Our next two races were on Sunday. True to the forecast we awoke to rain on Sunday morning.

Our first race was a handicap, with us starting from pit lane some 1 minute 49 seconds after the first car left the grid. The rain was coming and going but a dry line existed so we took the punt and put the slicks on. We chased the field down and were able to work our way to the front and take the outright win, posting the fastest time of the day by a second. It was a very exciting and fun race to drive and the substantial crowd seemed to really enjoy it. That put us on pole for the last race, held late Sunday afternoon.

Being a classic race meeting, there were a lot of older race cars dumping an awful lot of oil on the track over the weekend including a number of engine blow ups, so the track just got more slippery as the weekend wore on.

For the last race, the weather kept teasing us from heavy rain to patches of sunshine and then misty drizzle – we had the car on jacks right up to the last minute before making the wet/slick tyre choice. Again we went out on slicks, managed to get to the first corner slightly in front but with four competitors doing their best to eat me up. We drove out to take the win but with a pretty small margin, again a challenging, busy and exciting race.

So we took a clean sweep – a very successful weekend which brings us up the championship table. Our competitors are improving their performance so it is not going to be an easy season, but it will be immense fun and is proving to be entertaining for the spectators.

The car once again got a lot of attention and coverage, partly because of the unique and awesome sound it makes at full noise, and its great looks.